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Sustainable Fashion Industry Insights


EPR – Packaging in British Columbia

Sub-Article exploring British Columbia's EPR scheme to manage packaging waste.

EPR – Textile Recycling in the Netherlands

Sub-Article exploring the Netherlands' upcoming EPR scheme to manage textile waste.

EPR – Textile Recycling in France

Sub-Article exploring France's EPR scheme to manage textile waste.

EPR – Tire Recycling in Ontario

Sub-Article detailing how EPR has been implemented in Ontario, Canada, to handle tire recycling.

EPR – Electronic Waste in Canada

Sub-Article exploring Canada's EPR System to manage Electronic Waste.

Understanding EPR: A Global Perspective

As interest in EPR continues to grow, learn how this scheme has been implemented in various industries and countries.

Startup Fashion Week: A Catalyst for Creativity in Canada’s Fashion Scene

SFW stands as a beacon for emerging designers, entrepreneurs, and industry. Learn how it's shaping Toronto's fashion narrative.

EPR 101 – What is it and How Does it Work?

An in-depth exploration of EPR within the fashion industry, covering its definition, policy implications, objectives, operations, and considerations for fashion brands.

Montloup Textiles – An Interview with a Traceable Canadian Textile Mill

Follow my journey with Crohn's & Colitis Canada, from diagnosis to advocacy, and discover how fashion breaks stigma.