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Our Philosophy

Global Measure Inc believes the fashion industry can do better! GMI believes quality, style, and sustainability don’t need to be at odds – they are complementary strengths that can guide us to a more responsible fashion future.

Our Mission

Global Measure Inc’s Mission is to certify and elevate Canadian fashion brands that are committed to responsible, sustainable, and ethical practices. Our commitment extends beyond certification, as we actively engage in educational initiatives and campaigns that foster awareness. By staying at the forefront of industry trends, we aim to shape and inspire positive change, contributing to the evolution of a more sustainable and ethical landscape within the fashion world.

Our Vision

Global Measure Inc. envisions a future in which sustainable fashion certification is the norm for all brands — not only in Canada, but globally — with GMI leading the charge as the first to market Canadian sustainable certification offering, and as a recognized and respected thought leader within the sustainable fashion ecosystem.


GMI is committed to certifying, promoting and championing a sustainable fashion ecosystem, by evaluating and promoting circular business models, minimizing waste, and maximizing resource efficiency.

We empower fashion brands and consumers by giving them the knowledge, insights, and tools to make informed decisions and actively contribute to a more sustainable and responsible fashion ecosystem.

We operate with transparency, credibility, and ethical conduct, ensuring the trustworthiness and reliability of our certification process and critical evaluations/assessments.

We believe in working together with fashion brands, industry experts, and stakeholders to drive meaningful change and make a collective impact.

We promote equality, inclusivity, and fair treatment within the fashion industry, advocating for positive social impact and contributing to a more equitable and conscious society.

We embrace innovation as the driving force of a circular fashion ecosystem by exploring new technologies, materials, and practices to transform and modernize the industry.

Our Team

Deborah King

Deborah King


“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Rob Swan

Raised in the British Virgin Islands, Deborah’s mother taught her to sew at a very young age. Relocating to Canada at the age of 10, Deborah continued sewing and altering clothing due to the challenge of finding clothing that fit her smaller frame. Observing the rise of fast fashion she sensed an unspoken issue in the industry when the price of raw textiles started to exceed clothing. Armed with a decade of experience as an Industrial Engineer, she delved into the complexities of the fashion supply chain.

Motivated by her curiosity, Deborah pursued a post-graduate education in Sustainable Fashion Production, collaborating with industry experts and planting the seeds of Global Measure Inc. The result is a culmination of her convictions and vision – a method of certifying sustainable fashion brands, distinguishing them from fast fashion’s greenwashing noise.

Mariel Solis Cartes

Mariel Solís Cartes

Advocate & Author

Clothes won’t change the world. The women who wear them will.”- Anne Klein

Mariel is a passionate designer with a love for sustainable fashion production and is an undeniably creative soul. Beyond her artistic talents, she brings a comprehensive background in business to her craft. She understands the importance of balancing creativity with practicality, always staying up to date with the latest information about sustainability.

Mariel also finds inspiration in her travels, immersing herself in diverse cultures. She finds joy in playing with her sewing machine, using it as a tool to bring her imaginative ideas to life.

Claudia Gordilho

Claudia Gordilho​

Advocate & Author

“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Claudia is a skilled and talented technical apparel designer with 10 years of experience in the fashion industry. She has a passion for technological advancements and fashion innovation contributing to more sustainable apparel production.

When she’s not designing new fashions, you can find her enjoying arts and crafts with her two kids, photographing nature and traveling.

Ayça Yilmaz

Ayça Yilmaz

Advocate & Author

“Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso

Ayça is a Textile Engineer with ten years of experience in the industry. She is passionate about environmental solutions and innovative materials. She hopes to inspire questioning about what we think we know and to change minds.

She is a dreamer, a big sister, a nomad at heart, an innovation enthusiast, a constant learner, a cat person, an amateur watercolorist, a hiking addict, and a half-serious human being.


Yvonne Burwell

Advocate & Author

“Knowledge is power.” -Francis Bacon

Yvonne’s passion for environmental justice led her to pursue a Business Administration degree with a focus on Legal Studies and Sustainable Business. Further education at Humber College in Sustainable Fashion Management deepened her expertise. Now, working in Product Development, she navigates the fashion industry while also contributing to social media and research efforts for Global Measure Inc, where she aims to make a meaningful impact.

Advisory Board

Marilyn McNeil-Morin

Marilyn McNeil-Morin

Director, George Brown College Fashion Exchange

“Don’t let the things you can not do, keep you from doing the things that you can.”

With over 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur, educator and academic leader in fashion and design related industries, Marilyn leveraged her roots in textile science, education, and business to build Fashion Exchange (FX).

Sustainable fashion is modelled through expanding capacity in local, short run manufacturing; coupled with research projects that test new technologies for a circular textile economy, digital manufacturing, and technical and functional apparel.

Her lifelong love of beautiful handmade textiles is now inspired with using technology to create new digital versions of these crafts and she is equally passionate about preserving these hand techniques, the art of tailoring and promoting fit in clothing.

Jillian Mariani
Jillian Mariani

Founder, Niyama Wellness

Mantra for Anxiety: This is not you. This is something moving through you. It can leave out of the same door it came in.” – Cleo Wade

Jillian Mariani is the founder/owner/operator of Niyama Wellness, a Canadian start-up brand of natural supplements and self-care essentials, and an occasional consultant to start-ups in the sustainable/wellness space. Jillian spent her 20+ year corporate career in the Canadian Natural Health Supplements category, in sales, marketing and product development with some of Canada’s favourite brands of vitamins and supplements. She and her family are committed to living in a healthy sustainable way. 

Jillian holds a BA from UofT, a diploma in Nutritional Management from GBC, and an MBA from Schulich School of Business. She is also a registered yoga teacher and certified sleep coach. She lives in Toronto with her husband and children, and enjoys yoga, cooking, travel, Game of Thrones, good books, oat milk lattes, and dog walks.

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